Planning the Wedding of our Dreams

A year in our life...planning our wedding from a distance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So Lily and I always talk about wanting to bake and wear aprons but we had never actually done it.  I had just finished taking a big test and could relax for the night and Lily didn't have any studying to do either so we decided to bake! I think the baking was pretty legit :) We decided on Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting in honor of Thanksgiving.  They were absolutely delicious! We decided we must bake again soon and we also promised we would get better at icing.  But I think this is a pretty good start :)  Who knows, maybe next year Grandma or Curt's mom will ask me to make these for Thanksgiving since once you get married you have to bring something, ha!
All of the ingredients!! We displayed them to look like a real baking show :)

The finished product!

The beginning process! It was messy, good thing we wore aprons!

I'm learning, they will be better next time! But that frosting was absolutely delicious!!

Sorry for not looking the best, we had just finished working out.  We thought we would try and burn some calories before eating a gazillion!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Curt came to visit and a trip to St. Louis!

Curt came to visit the other weekend! It was so much fun and we were super busy all weekend!! Curt actually got to Columbia Thursday night just in time for BSU (Baptist Student Union).  Friday morning I went to class and Curt studied (I think..).  Friday afternoon Lily, my best friend from school, Curt, and I did a little shopping! And then Friday night Curt and I went on a date to Addison's (Curt's favorite restaurant in Columbia).  They have some delicious nachos!!!! Then a little bump in the road.  We had a long wait and while we were sitting Curt said he was getting a headache, which turned into a migraine :( So we ate really quickly and then he went to bed.  BUT he woke up Saturday morning feeling great!

Saturday morning before the football game (we ended up losing, bummer) we got to tour the athletic complex with 2 amazing tour guides, Lily and Chase!  (They are getting married next August)  We then got to go on the field before the game and then took our seats in the stands to watch. 

After the game we packed our bags and headed to St. Louis for the night to meet his sister Beth and her husband Ryan.  We don't get to see them very often so it was so much fun to get to hang out with them on Saturday and Sunday!  We went to a haunted house.  This was THE scariest haunted house I have ever been to! We then went to dinner and then hit up the casino for a little bit!  I think we actually won some! Sunday morning we ate at a super cute restaurant for breakfast and then headed back to Columbia.  It was such a good break from Columbia and it was so exciting to get to hang out with them! Hopefully I get to see them again at Christmas!
Cheesin' for the self-timer :)

Lily and I at the athletic was pretty sweet!

Curt in action

The NFL wall

On the field!!

Curt, me, Lily, and Chase

Curt, me, Beth, and Ryan before the haunted house!

Future sister-in-law :)

They love each other

After going through the haunted house, I was seriously scared.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Weekend, Marriage Counseling, A Sailing Adventure, and Homecoming!!

The computer is fixed and the pictures have finally been uploaded to it so NOW I can finally post them!!  So...back up all the way to family weekend in September.  My cousin's husband Tab was a referee for the football game so Erika (my cousin), Ebby Lee and Nixon (her 2 kids), Aunt Tina, Mom, Dad, Whit, and Ryan all came and visited!!! It was such a fun and busy weekend!  

The next weekend I went home because Curt and I had our first marriage counseling session..we passed, whew! haha! It was actually a really great experience and I look forward to more.  I hope Curt does too :)

The next weekend I went home again because Curt and I wouldn't get to see each other for a while and we went sailing!! The last time I went sailing the boat almost sank because we didn't know it had a hole in it.  Not a fun experience when mom is yelling help at the top of her lungs.  Funny story..Curt and I had actually just met (so this is 3 summers ago) and mom took a picture with me and the sinking boat.  We sent it to Curt, I was conveniently in a bikini...hah! I can't believe I did that but I still remember his response..nice view ;)....hope that wasn't TMI!!  I guess we were meant to be :)

Erika, Ebby Lee, me and Nixon...try #1

Try #2

and #3...Ebby Lee is going to be our flower girl...adorable!!!

The whole crew!

Tab was the umpire..its a big deal! :)

got to love the ponchos!

Before marriage counseling!!! We were a bit nervous at this point!


Dad loved telling us what to do!

"This is the best place to enjoy a cup of coffee" -Curt

love the visor :)

it was windy..good for sailing..bad for the hair!

Love Brynn! Had to put a picture of her in from the weekend! She is soooo cute!!

Homecoming! It was so fun seeing old friends!

Lauren, Alicia, Whit, and myself (her friends from college) They are so much fun to hang out with!

Almost all of the "pac" I think that is how you spell it?? Whit's friends from school! They did some pretty crazy things back in their days at Mizzou! :)
And then finally it was the 100th Homecoming!!! Mizzou founded homecoming so it was pretty cool that it turned out to be my senior year!  Unfortunately, Curt couldn't make it but Whit and Ryan and Whit's friends came.  We had so much looking at housedecks, going to the parade and football game, and just hanging out!  Saturday after the game everybody came back to my apartment and I actually got to play nurse.  We did a blood pressure screening...they almost all failed! hah! Well not really but we talked about consuming less salt and exercising :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Computer Breakdown!

Ah! I don't have a computer and I don't know when I will be getting it back!! It messed up last week and it is in the shop getting fixed.  I was trying to upload some pictures from my camera to my computer...I heard an awful sound...a blue screen, and from then on it hasn't worked!!! Bummer.  So, hopefully it gets fixed and I will be able to post some pictures from family weekend at Mizzou, our first marriage counseling session :), and  some more bridesmaid pictures!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

So a couple of weeks ago I found bridesmaid dresses that I liked.  Currently, I want to do 3 different dresses all in the same color.  I found 3 that I really liked and then yesterday happened.  I was hanging out in my apartment with one of my bridesmaid/roommate Lily.  We were talking about wedding stuff (she is also getting married next summer) and I decided I am just not happy with one of the dresses.  I think I tried to convince myself that I liked it because it was different but overall I am just not as happy with that one as I am with the others.  So we shall see what happens in the months to come.  I know I still have plenty of time to decide on dresses so I am not too worried.

 Here is one of the dresses I love, but obviously not in that color!  O and our Save-the-Dates are in, they look soooo good! Once again, thanks Ashley for taking great pictures!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Wedding planning is very hard work!!!

Things that are booked:  church, reception, food, cake, photographer, florist, and DJ.  I hope we aren't forgetting anything!

Save the Dates have been made so stay tuned!

Today was my first, last day of school.  Weird.

I am not in school mode and I think I better get there quick.

I've enjoyed getting back to school and seeing all of my friends, but I miss my family, Curt, and my soon-to-be family a lot.    

Curt already studies a lot more than last year and is busier :( and :) ??

The wedding was 11 months from yesterday...that actually doesn't seem that far away but a lot happens before then!!

Brynn is 5 months today.  She is the cutest thing ever!!!!!

Just saw a picture on facebook of Mollie and Andrew (Curt's sister, Amanda's kids...too many apostrophes and not sure where they go) cute! I hope my kids love each other like that one day!

The fact that I just wrote about my kids one day..weird and random!

I need a part-time job...what can it be???

I think that about sums up my day and the thoughts that have been circulating in my brain.

Friday, August 12, 2011


We just got the pictures back from Ashley and I love them! I think she did a really great job and they turned out awesome!  Yesterday, I drove to Nashville to visit Curt.  I hadn't looked at the pictures yet and so we got to look at them for the first time together, it was so much fun!  Here are just a few! 

Debbie and Betty--I thought you would really like this one :)

Love the chalkboard!  All Ashley's idea!

And this is Curt's personal favorite...he made Ashley take this...what a weirdo!